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The project deals with environmental issues in terms of the energy efficiency of buildings and urban settlements and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions due to their construction and operation. The design and assessment of individual buildings in these aspects is, on account of the activities of the European Institutions, their regulations and also the resulting national legislation at a relatively high level.
The problem of newly-proposed buildings is high initial investment, which is usually unprofitable without state support for the energy efficiency of buildings and use of renewable energy sources (RES). If the building is also an energy supplier, the problem is also its connection to the power grid. One solution to these problems can be to create RES based energy-efficient systems at the level of urban settlement. In addition to technical knowledge, implementing such systems also requires demanding work with the local population, their representatives, as well as operators of existing networks. It is extremely important that all actors understand the proposed system as their own and actively participate in it. Achieving such a state requires a new approach from designers, so to say planning from the bottom in synergy with the local community (street, village, settlement). However, designers, not only in the V4 countries, are not systematically prepared for such an approach and related challenges.
The aim of the project is to improve the education of future planners in the field of nearly zero energy buildings and use of the RES based energy efficient systems at the level of settlements, including increasing their communication capacities and responsiveness to the demands of citizens as well as the ability to democratically promote solutions for the preservation and improving the quality of the environment.

Project consortium
Brno University of Technology - Faculty of Civil Engineering / Czech Republic Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering / Hungary Wroclaw University of Science and Technology - Faculty of Architecture / Poland SHEI "Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture / Ukraine Town of Malacky / Slovakia Bratislava - Capital of the Slovak Republic Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava - Faculty of Civil Engineering

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International InStep School

Webinar: Influence of social factors in sustainable district renovation

Large-scale international multidisciplinary cross sector training (Bratislava)

Kick-Off Meeting (Bratislava)

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